Born and raised in Virginia, and having been lucky enough to travel and experience art and design around the world, I have come to appreciate the balance between slow and fast paced living. While I enjoy both ends of the spectrum, I am happiest right in the middle. I would have to say I feel the same about design, as my own work pulls influence from a similar scale. I think the best part about design is being able to create something that evokes gratification and emotion from both the creator and the client or consumer. A designer should feel good about the work they create, and accomplishing those goals and challenges are energizing to me. I am always searching for the newest trends and exciting experimental work, but have a deep respect for timeless and historically influential design.

I am currently finishing up my BFA in Visual Communication Design at Virginia Tech. While studying here, my passion for print and editorial design has only matured, although I still enjoy creating in other divisions. I would love to talk about my work with you, so feel free to shoot me an email!
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